Sunday, 16 October 2011

Victorian Design and Ornament - and I didn't have to do any research to find that out

I feel like I should have referenced this book Harvard style.
Any way here is what I got from Amazon:
Meyer's Ornament - Victorian Bible of Design by Frank Sales Meyer
In the library bookshelf above,
and got some pretty graphic golden lines below.
The 'O' in Ornament on the spine is known as illuminated text.
One of the earliest texts found with illuminated text is The Book of Hours.
A quick Google search of this will give you a wealth of words and images. 
Blogger likes to rotate images no matter which camera I use,
I'm going to get to the bottom of this though.
The image in the corner here uses typical Victorian ornamental imagery.
The vine like lines that seem to have an attitude of movement about them, 
almost like a clock face with the interruption of the 
golden blocks that seem to divide the circular motif into pieces.