Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Diary from Paperchase

It would be a dream to sell work to Paperchase for them to
give money in return and then in turn,
turn that work into something adorning something as handy as a diary.
Admittedly I have a few months empty, from July to most of September,
but I can use that for extra notes space.
Not a bad price, and made in the UK,
felt pretty good about that last point.

Since my A levels I have grown a good attachment to spiral bound books.
Sketchbooks that are spiral bound are especially handy. 
The plastic cover is translucent, great fun with colour and shapes.
The beautiful swirls are reminiscent of Art Decor and the Arts and Crafts movement
Great times.
Red cardi put behind the back cover.
A slight tremor of my arm,
purposefull tremor of course.
Putting the small Paperchase bag under the cover is
quite an interesting blend of line and shape, more vertical darker shapes.