Thursday, 20 October 2011

Internet findings: mein motif - pedro oyarbide:

Normally I only post once every other day, but I've plans to change this a little whenever I see something on the Internet relating to pattern, that I really like and think is worth showing people - or on the other hand that I really hate and think should have a wanted dead or alive poster up for it.

Today I've been exploring:
mein motif - pedro oyarbide: (a blogger blog)

In this case, I admire Pedro Oyarbide's work, especially how he goes about putting it out there in the form of a project blog which takes dedication (trust me ask any regular blogger) to post in it everyday. To have to come up with a pattern that is different to those previously posted, every day. An impressive feat of determination.

Almost had an image free blog post there. Ouch

Pedro Oyarbide's patterns take on a note of experimentation, which obviously you'd have to do to be putting up every day. In some you can see how they are related to previous ones or future ones once posted, and though some still might need refining, they still look amazing - a staggering piece of imagination flowed into shape and colour.

An example:
Day 27 and Day 26
Both of which share this brilliant diamond shape that has a neat little bit of ornamentation like work on two of its sides.

I'll say no more, but you should check out his blog, if its the only non facebook/twitter thing you do today.