Monday, 9 April 2012

Purple Moon and Pink Bird

Ok so it's not an Easter related post. Thankfully.
Photos of graffiti near the MA building
at Northumbria Uni's main campus in Newcastle.
Their quite pretty I think and on a nice scribble black background,
keeping with graffiti aesthetics.
And look that little pink purple blob is trying to make its way to the drains!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bus Stops and Fashion

Who would have thought it?
They go together so well -
or at least the bus stops I've seen have managed to
co exist with their adverts nicely. 
These are ones in Town near the city library:

H&M know how to make pattern and print look amazing.
Enough said.

Detailed paisley, a very chintzy styled pattern -
and when I say chintzy I mean in terms of pattern
and not in colour -
as here the colours are almost acidic,
very warm and bright.

Next top by H&M has this beautiful embellished around neckline,
studded with fake glass gems.

The head wrap or sash or scarf (multipurpose - who knew?)
also shares the paisley motifs scattered across it.
Using pinks as well.
I got far too distracted by these bus stops. 

Monday, 2 April 2012

Book cover all Stitched

I found this book in the library recently.
Didn't have a chance to look inside so
I went and judged it by its cover instead.
I think it's brilliant!
Book reference:
Campana, F., Campana, H. (2010) Campana Brothers: Complete Works (So Far). Brazil: Rizzoli International Publications
The use of machine stitch is what really works well,
upon this forest green and the simple, but bold, dark blue lettering
its not surprising that reviews on amazon show it to be
an excellent book on the furniture design brothers.
It harnesses the machine running stitch.
One that is simple, but in it is a pattern
of one stitch then a group of thin stitches overlaid upon each other.
Sometimes simple works best when mixed with a little detail -
if it had just been a running stitch I may not have been as impressed by it
and nor would it hasve been as innovative.
Its like they have created a new stitch pattern -
or brought back an old one for a viewing.