Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Surface doodles

Some surface doodles that caught my eye in the art studios at uni. They use simple shapes, but these shapes have a bold imprint into my own mind, its very hard not to like them.
Simple flower shape, clumsy like build but adds that childish imperfection that I like.
I wish I took more photos of this, using circles and building in shapes inside each outline of the middle circle.
A dripping gaping circle, kind of like a wormhole. Rapid movement marks.

Friday, 20 May 2011

The Old

I always come across books in the library with amazing spines, makes me pick them out despite some being really big volumes of chunkyness filed with lots of text and some images. I flick through, then put them back....in the right place might I add (to all those smirfs who decide to just shove them anywhere).
Any way these I photographed a while ago. I will try to continue to photograph interesting patterned/ornamental spines.
As usual CLICK for a BIGGER image.

Vines and leaves, in lovely glossy gold
Intertwining motifs that link and curl