Thursday, 25 April 2013

White wool and golden thread

Scarf made of white wool knit and golden glitter thread.
The patterns on it consist of wavy lines and almost like drawings.
The overall effect is lace like,
taking inspiration from the revival of lace and netting on clothing.
The popularity of wool throughout the autumn and winter has been really important in getting me to see this material in a contemporary light. Mixing coloured wools with glittering threads and beautifully designed knits has been a key textile popular trend.  
My first white woollen scarf in years.
A birthday present that is still in pretty good nick.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Print Method 01

Experimenting with paint and ink used in a print type method.
A plastic surface is used, where watered down paint and ink are applied in areas and then a piece of canvas (any material can be used though) is pressed on over the top of the plastic surface. This is then peeled away to reveal print.
The black and yellow work quite well together, becoming a kind of mossy green in parts. Worth trying this out again.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Painting experimentation

Oil paint and linseed oil with a title bit of turpentine.
I was borrowing a few ideas from the way
Cy Twombly worked with paint and the way he treated colours.
Also I included the dabbing with bundles of fabric that I had created sponge like brushes from. Though they take in a lot of the paint and linseed oil and soak in a lot of it they create some really nice marks and textures when quickly dabbing or stamping them onto surfaces.
 Colour palette was restricted though I included some really nice peachy brown colours at the bottom and a beautiful dark brown as short lines on the far side.

 I haven't been able to paint like this for awhile.
That pink fabric reminded me how much fun oil painting can be.
This was painted a few months ago but still feels very relevant to my work right now.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Stripes and dots in pink and purple


Stripes and spots
Spots, circles and polka dots.
Is it a coincidence that sibilance is in these words?

In reality this fabric is pink only,
but my camera made areas of the fabric appear purple.
This piece of fabric is one that I am working with at the moment; it is a particularly bold fabric piece. The pinks and the bold graphic patterns that consist of wild cat print patterns,
like the stripes of a tiger and spots of a cheetah, blend together wonderfully. The material itself is lightweight and fairly thin, though not really translucent. The print is very stripe orientated.
As with any other kind of fabric that is produced with saris or shalwar kameezs in mind there is another piece that matches this in terms of colour and print, I imagine this piece is meant to be made into the shalwar/trouser and this above piece as the tunic/dress/kameez.
Hopefully I can find the matching piece to it.    

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Doll house windows and reflective materials

I found a magazine spread with a doll house in it and appropriated its windows and walls for this collage, mixing with plant imagery and imagery consisting of mosaic like work and strange looking surfaces such as metallic papers and foils.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Light colours and organic forms

I took these scraps from various interior catalogues.
Where there is a bit of pattern, it is broken up by layers of light colours.
The organic forms of brambles and holly
play with these muted hues of blues and greens beautifully.
I couldn't help but include a random bit of pink.
Like a ribbon.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Geometrics and the red telephone box

Old red telephone box.
Black and white dots.
Golden-yellow lines and boxes.

A part of a series of collages I made last year.
Looking at both colour and geometric shapes that bring together a strange kind of theme to the collage.