Sunday, 14 April 2013

Painting experimentation

Oil paint and linseed oil with a title bit of turpentine.
I was borrowing a few ideas from the way
Cy Twombly worked with paint and the way he treated colours.
Also I included the dabbing with bundles of fabric that I had created sponge like brushes from. Though they take in a lot of the paint and linseed oil and soak in a lot of it they create some really nice marks and textures when quickly dabbing or stamping them onto surfaces.
 Colour palette was restricted though I included some really nice peachy brown colours at the bottom and a beautiful dark brown as short lines on the far side.

 I haven't been able to paint like this for awhile.
That pink fabric reminded me how much fun oil painting can be.
This was painted a few months ago but still feels very relevant to my work right now.