Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sketching text pointers

In charcoal is so much fun! Then even more fun with pen, no really, it is. 
Except for the O, S, G, Q, it's working out. 
I need to work on drawing up those letters though, 
that and proportion. 
Dig out squared paper and enlargement technique maybe.

 Also must work on stuff in the mornings, night light is not so good. 

Pointers for drawing/sketching text: 
Look at each letter individually.
Note shapes of each line.
Look at negative and positive space.
Note round shapes. How round is round? Slightly angled in places? 
Look at serif/sans serif where edges of text are, are they rounded, or blunt edges?
Look at proportion, is it accurate?
Spacing one letter and then the next, spaces between consistent with font spacing, which often is not the same as leaving a gap of a few millimeters between each letter.
Use pen or pencil as measuring device.
Be quick with sketches first.
Lightly sketch top and bottom and mid section guidelines (wish I'd done this above).