Friday, 23 August 2013

Visual Arts Degree Show 2013: Stained and Painted Room





 Photos taken by E. Russhard and Z.Akram

Stained and Painted Room

Garment fabrics, interior fabrics, sugar paper, wallpaper, glitter glue, pva glue, Dylon fabric dye, Brusho dye, ink and emulsion.

Northumbria University, Squires Building
Exhibited as part of the Fine Art and Photographic Practice Undergraduates Degree Show. Northumbria University
May - June 2013 

Floral lace scans in b&w

Some lace scans. Originally the lace came form a t-shirt like top I bought from a charity shop in town. The floral pattern on the top can be found on a previous post titled Chintz roses; odd colours of pink, red and purple-blue.
I haven't yet got a chance to use these pieces in any painting or work, but I used the rose print top part in my degree show exhibition as an appropriation of the typical floral patterns now commonly seen on the streetwalk and catwalk. A pattern that has been brought back out of the cupboards and dusted off, then given a pat down with modernisation - as has lace or lace imitation fabrics of course.
Thinking of doing a lace feature of prints/scans/photos for September.
So please by all means send in photos/scans of lace or bits of lace form anything via e-mail to  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Visual Arts Degree Show - July 2013

Materiality is at the beginning of things. It is about the physicality and where it comes from, what it does and how it interacts with others. I choose from what is discarded and I physically change these materials using paint. Stuff is collected; plastics, papers and fabric conflict with gesture and drip.
What is a
painting or how a composition can exist are questions that I ask. I challenge the conventions within fine art by staining fabrics and other surfaces with emulsion, ink and Dylon fabric dye. The walls and the very structured surface of a space are given their own marks that are reminiscent of decorative painterly gestures.

Fabric too, is decorated and marked intentionally by these substances, creating a unique collaboration between craft, fine art and textiles. Stitch joins a piece of graphic pink print with a plain piece of fabric, then paint interferes with the sheer blue dubatta, covering the embroidery in places and coating the sequins with a veil of colour. The paint does everything but fit in.

A strange collaboration where East meets West. These discarded materials and fabrics reference this cultural fusion, exploring a duality that connects and confronts.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Archived Snip: Independant Radar, grunge and sequins

Scans from an old Independent Radar magazine from a Saturday Independent
- dunno the date but I can say with a bit of certainty that is it from this year.  
The above costume is really fascinating just because of the abundance of blue glittering sequins.
They catch the light really well, making the costume look more and more intricate and
expensive or couture like.
Then there is the mask made from a kind of net that is also lined with sequins.
The face made highlights the unconventional use of sequins over the facial features.     
 In the above and below images, the singer is dressed in different textures, including feathered,
which beside the grungy and splattered background makes everything look raw and edgy.   

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Chintz roses; odd colours of pink, red and purple-blue

The chintz pattern has a lot of history and many books written about it.
But here are some chintz patterns that are have been brought to the present,
to the contemporary pattern structures and use of colours.
The colour palette is very expressive and bright and warm,
despite fabric having faded through multiple washes,
the colours still strike me as being original.
Especially that strange purple-blue.

These tiny rose buds are beautifully printed onto the fabric,
which is a kind of synthetic blend of materials -
and seems like it would be difficult to print upon.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Archived Snip: Blue flowers and Golden Light

Some found clippings from magazine advertisements:
(Can't remember which one).

This beautiful very simply coloured pale blue on white
presents two different flowers in a repeating pattern
surrounded by stems and leaves. Its hard to tell where the
repeat begins and ends in the original snippet. 
The edge of the cutting presents a nice
picture of real (or maybe fabric/fake?)
flower with the carefully printed floral image
that is either a wallpaper or a vinyl sticker.
In a beautiful kind of rhubarb red/pink.
This damask like pattern is very regal looking - suiting the wedding based advertisement naturally. The rich golds and the lighting of the image seem to show a richness of the pattern that perhaps wouldn't be seen without such effects. the pattern is very Victorianesque.