Friday, 20 June 2014

Ideas for patterns #1

The flower/leaf paisley combination looks
like my favourite to work with at the moment.
Lines of mixed variances, inspired by a piece of fabric, 
the change of block fill in to a cross hatched texture is worth playing with. 
 More lines, mixture of pencil and black ink, a nice combo, 
as I particularly like pen for its bold graphic look
but pencil provides a shadow like appearance.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Blue masks, dots and diamonds

A fabric piece that I am working with at the minute, patching it with white pieces of similarly stretchy fabric to create larger pieces, originally an old trouser kindly donated.

The pattern looks quite aggressive up close. Like masks all bunched together to scare off irritating people? Brilliant range of blues on the fabric that are hard to capture using a scanner or camera. Quite pretty with the lilac bit of paint I dropped on the corner. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Plants and Petals, Bloom Journal, Issue 21

Bloom Journal is a beautiful journal that is, like many journals, expensive - so I scanned in pages from issue 21 last year and finally have come around to posting them. A small preview of Bloom journal, issue 21.

A lot of rich photographs of flowers and brilliant shots of fashion, including a clever fusion of African and Japanese textiles, ideas around fabrics and patterns - something that particularly interests me.

More images from previous Bloom issues can be found here:
Additionally it turns out that Trend publication also have a website called Trend Tablet (, where they post often about things that influence trends/direct trends themselves, with interesting visuals and a nice clean site.

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