Sunday, 19 February 2012

Connect the dots…

Or join the dots, as I fondly recall, were actually, 
as opposed to word searches which were honestly like some kind of form of kiddy torture.
If you’ve been bad, a word search, and if good, a join the dots.
Or at least the was my first impression.
It was a bag found in one of the cheap bag cages at the back of the shop, I didn’t buy the bag obviously, I mean it didn’t look very sturdy, but the surface print was just so interesting I had to have a good look. Snuck in a few photos too. 
The forms are fairly abstract but clearly butterfly like in shape, and some looking like flowers or petals, made out of this strange cross hatching and black simplified petal shapes.
A closing note this interesting scale like pattern
made from petal like shapes with this 
cross hatching that is reminiscent of netting and structures of grids.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fabric Selection

A few photos I found weeks ago that I never posted but really should have. 
Below is a border design like piece on
a dress styled kameez (tunic top), which is a detail I love.
The whole suit puts purple alongside orange,
and then the touches of brown on the embellished
areas help when it comes to looking for matching jewelry and shoes. 
Just brilliant, two colours rarely worn in my opinion that are brought together.
The trim uses pink, white and brown shiny rayon like threads,
looking into damask like designs that
surround the flower shapes.
Lotus like blooms horizontally lined up.
The light plays with the shiny thread;
creating areas of shade, of light and dark.

The embellishments to the above neck area of a top are quite interesting,
using thick black thread to create this beautiful leaf motif
and these splodge like flowers drops,
alongside swirls with sequins dotted around the shapes.
Leaves venation in gold thread – lush!