Sunday, 26 May 2013

Testing Sumptuous Plum and Teal Tension

Photos form some recent experiments on paper and an old cotton bed sheet,
using emulsion colours from the Dulux range:
The rich teal that becomes more blue than green here
thanks to being watered down and mixed slightly with white.
Bits of Dylon dye powder dropped it begin to absorb the wetness around them.
A 2B pencil drawn set of random lines.
The shiny silver effect upon emulsion is actually quite pretty.
 A bold pink that I have really began to love.
It is a very strong and bold pink - like a hot pink? 
The effect of these strokes is done by putting some white paint down first,
a thick blob that is then brushes out into a line or shape, and then
a bit of a colour on the same brush that is then brushed out on top of the white.
Not too much of the colour otherwise the effect isn't as strong.
Painting on cloth is something that really interests me at the moment -
the way the paint seems to react alongside a material that
rarely carries something so heavy as emulsion or wet ink.
Again white paint is laid out and then some random
splodges of blue are added with a smaller brush.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Unpicking knits, pilling and colour

I had hoped to re-use this knit but as of yet nothing has been done.
Originally a scarf, I am guessing it was discarded because
it was bubbling up (another term is 'pilling'),
but the colours are still really beautiful and
the wool itself is soft with a nice
golden metallic thread running through it.