Monday, 19 March 2012

MS Bing

I like Bing now.
Dtae captured: 6th February 2012
Don’t get me wrong I hate how when you sign out of Hotmail your taken to a lumpy collage mess of  gossip and news, known as the MSN page.
But Microsoft’s search engine, given its make over once a day with a beautiful photo of something, anything – be it a plants, a building, some kind of macro photo, or even a short cute video of a group of seals chillin with their mates, is well worth the aggravation of changing from googling to…well binging. But I still google. Its a hard habit to kick.
Dtae captured: 11th November 2011
Any way a selection of screenshot saves in which pattern poses a great threat to me using google. I mean next to Bing’s cover page can cheer me up. Its great. And those little glowing squares of facts are just a perfect addition. 
Dtae captured: 9th December 2011