Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Visual Arts Degree Show - July 2013

Materiality is at the beginning of things. It is about the physicality and where it comes from, what it does and how it interacts with others. I choose from what is discarded and I physically change these materials using paint. Stuff is collected; plastics, papers and fabric conflict with gesture and drip.
What is a
painting or how a composition can exist are questions that I ask. I challenge the conventions within fine art by staining fabrics and other surfaces with emulsion, ink and Dylon fabric dye. The walls and the very structured surface of a space are given their own marks that are reminiscent of decorative painterly gestures.

Fabric too, is decorated and marked intentionally by these substances, creating a unique collaboration between craft, fine art and textiles. Stitch joins a piece of graphic pink print with a plain piece of fabric, then paint interferes with the sheer blue dubatta, covering the embroidery in places and coating the sequins with a veil of colour. The paint does everything but fit in.

A strange collaboration where East meets West. These discarded materials and fabrics reference this cultural fusion, exploring a duality that connects and confronts.