Friday, 12 April 2013

Stripes and dots in pink and purple


Stripes and spots
Spots, circles and polka dots.
Is it a coincidence that sibilance is in these words?

In reality this fabric is pink only,
but my camera made areas of the fabric appear purple.
This piece of fabric is one that I am working with at the moment; it is a particularly bold fabric piece. The pinks and the bold graphic patterns that consist of wild cat print patterns,
like the stripes of a tiger and spots of a cheetah, blend together wonderfully. The material itself is lightweight and fairly thin, though not really translucent. The print is very stripe orientated.
As with any other kind of fabric that is produced with saris or shalwar kameezs in mind there is another piece that matches this in terms of colour and print, I imagine this piece is meant to be made into the shalwar/trouser and this above piece as the tunic/dress/kameez.
Hopefully I can find the matching piece to it.