Monday, 31 October 2011

Red and Blue: A poster inventive thing

A poster found on the way home.
 It was high up for me, so it was hard to take a steady photo.
Any way I really liked how whoever designed and printed it
ensured that the models came out in red and then blue,
alternating between these two colours.
The clothing worn is commonly known is a sari (in case you didn't know),
I've done a little research on it, and so far I know it is made up of mainly three parts:
- the sari itself (which is a long length of fabric)
- the blouse
- the petticoat which is a long skirt like part that the sari part completely covers.
A sari has an interesting definition or style of patterning, 
they often have great intricate borders of natural motifs or geometric shapes amongst other things.
Then inside this border is a less detailed pattern, 
but something that matches the border.
These designs looked stunning when I saw them,
a mix of flower and plant drawing like forms
with another sari next to it with beautiful geometric designs.

(2011) Eid Sale Now On (Bangladesh Community Centre). Seen on 28th October 2011