Saturday, 22 October 2011

214 - Topshop's Own

Thanks are due to Liz who actually handed me the magazine saying I'd love it.
She was right.

Above is the interesting cover, a usual shot of a moody looking model,
but what is that she is wearing?
Is it a beautifully patterned dress (well of course - it wouldn't be here otherwise).

As you can see above this is the back page of Topshop's Autumn/Winter edition of 214.
I have to admit, they know their patterns.
The tiling is perfect and sustains an edge of contemporary appearance,
using strong colours like the beautiful red and the blue
which is pale and dark at the same time,
like a shadow upon the black.
They form silhouettes of flowers.
Silhouettes inspired by shadows.
I don't know who she is below. Really I don't.
But the magazine says its Kaya Scodelario so I'll just take its word for it.
Whoever dressed her for the shoot chose a brilliant long sleeve top.
The pattern below is an interesting mix of diamonds,
again a tiled pattern and it sticks to only a limited palette.
I like this limited palette thing of a
few colours you could count on one hand.
But I wish the designer had been more experimental,
instead of falling back onto the white and black tones which,
as everyone should know go with any colour, he/she could have chose
something different.
Sherbet red with a nutty brow? Or the red with some blues?
But then, maybe this way the colours/tones don't distract from the pattern.
A little bit of the scene behind Kaya,
a pretty series of tiles cut to an almond like shape,
reminds me of that motif I can't get out of my head.
A jumper with an interesting knit pattern to it.
Normally I don't take notice of knit, but this one has opened my eyes a little.
The knit has formed a star like shape in a kind of grid form on the rest of the jumper.
Like the simple stars drawn using simple lines at certain angles.

Dogtooth Knitted Jumper @ Topshop
A quick star doodle on artPad

Yet more moody models,
how come in the Matalan leaflet/mini catalogues their models smile?
Another pattern using a diamond form, this time with more colour,
it uses various lines inside the diamond to cause a stir.

Below is another reminder of that irritating motif that I just can't get out of my head.
But it still looks so pretty.
Can you see it?
The four petalled like flower design,
very simple and used for millennia all over the world.
A closer look: it is surrounded by tadpole like lines with crosses in the corners.
Another point, whatever paper they print this magazine on is fantastic.
Unlike glossy magazine paper,
which isn't good for the environment, is hard to recycle
and also makes the magazine hard to grip,
this stuff is on paper.
A good gsm paper, possibly 110gsm or above,
so it can be recycled easily, can be drawn on,
marked on in pencil or whatever implement is at hand.
You can doodle on it. :D