Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ever present influences

Pages from Marie Clare October 2011 issue.

Ever present being the polka dot, or the dot, or the circle,
which ever word you use to describe or name or classify it.
It is every where, liek thel ine then if you think about it.
What most interests me with this spread is the interesting colour combinations,
always coming in twos and sticking to at least one fairly bold colour.
There is clearly a sense of constant with the dot.

Moving onto the Aztec inspirations of the moment,
I haven't seen much of it myself on the street - except on jumpers I think.
But I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Aztec's infleucneing through pattern,
their own ideas of pattern are individual and unique.
Incredibly defined by straight lines, angles and points and geometric shapes.
The use of the diamond, or square pushed to one side a little,
features heavily in the clothes on these pages.
Colours are solid, bright and bold,
with black left to make its defining place.