Tuesday, 4 October 2011

QR codes - so much more than a URL.

I've only just begun to use the wifi on my phone
despite having it for a year,
and began to get attached to using these QR codes,
with a few questions on my mind,
so I've researched and answered the main ones.
I did the research on my mobile, at night...thank you wifi
(you monstrous thing that now I'm addicted to using).
Above an example of a QR code I found in September's
issue of novel, a local Newcastle based magazine that has just started up. 
They make interesting blocks of pattern. 
As there is only one photo today, have a look at a Bing images search.

What does QR stand for?
 QR stands for quick response,
and is a type of code that has been around since 1994,
well before the Internet became so widely used and recognised.

QR started life as a way of tracking parts made by Denso Wave,
an arm of Toyota
and is a type of 2D bar code that is designed to be read at high speeds.

So far I have seen it used on business cards,
flyer's, posters and mostly in magazines or newspapers.
It has further possibilities in marketing which have yet to be discovered and researched.

Barcodes have a maximum of 20 characters in them whilst QR codes have 7089
Barcdoes can only be read horizontally where as QR codes can be read horizontally and vertically.

Research links:
Who Cares About QR codes? (Author: Betty Adamou)
QRcode.com (Site owned by Denso Wave)