Friday, 23 December 2011

Pretty Packaging: Herbal Essences

A free sample in Marie Clare, January issue - £2
Such pretty packaging I oculdn't 
resist scanning it into the computer.
This packaging has a great use of colour, 
such a tropical looking blue that has great impact, 
then on top the grunge like marks in silver and green. 
I just looked up what grunge actually means, 
one of its definitions is dirt and grime, 
the other being a type of rock music. 
But now I finally know.
The beautiful flowers adorning the packaging are orchids
and look at the detail of venation and marks on the petals. 
A short post this is, yes, but I'll be collecting some stuff 
to talk about in the next post. 
Oh and the shampoo and conditioner were amazing. 
Smelt lovely too.