Friday, 9 December 2011

Round, blue and white

Christmas is upon us –
or so the Newcastle City Centres’ decoration tells me.
That and the Fenwicks window display.
The decorations in town are normally quite typical,
but these blue circular baubles like motifs
are the most interesting and pretty
both when lit up and when not lit.

They look like a collection of flatish bubbles, or even baubles,
in blue, white and light blue
and using simple geometric shapes and dots to fill them.
Their clear modern cut styling stands out against
the backdrop of the beautiful Newcastle upon Tyne’s historic buildings
in the town centre, like in monument.
It’s interesting to find pattern
where most feel there is nothing special there,
but the fact that these shapes have been used
shows their versatility, they work amongst things
that don’t directly relate to them in shape form or colour.