Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Zag-zig and diamond flakes

So tempting to skive today's post, but I figured 
these photos have been waiting to finally be shown in all their glory, 
admittedly one is a little blurry.
Very simple shapes used on a coat lining,
here is a photo from the hood part of the coat.
Using wavy and zig zag lines as well as snowflake like structures
created using the diamond shape.
The colour is a brilliant kind of midway between pink
and purple and red, 
kind of plumish but with more red thrown in.
Any way the coat belongs to a friend and was bought from Primark.

The week of coats special has come to a close, but hopefully I'll be able to do a month special next month with it being January, or maybe another week special for the first week of January.
Back to the random regulars.