Sunday, 4 December 2011

Print and swirls and roses

I still have one more post for the coats special,
so I'll be extending this weeks feature till Monday night.
The coat lining shown below has a use of tones and
the shiney fabric that ensurs its classic look.
Again the buttons were simple,
but the coats inside lining obviously more than
makes up for this and somtimes simple is better.
A very modern looking bit of decor on the lining,
using a combination of thin and thick lines to
create rose motifs that have a sense of movement to them.
The label above is one I have heard of but not seen much of,
so far it's in the good books.
Again photos taken at a charity shop.
The print itself also looks very swirl like,
prahaps taking influence form the use of curling and swirl motifs
used in the present as easy to grab or create motifs used on,
well just about every leaflet, menu and flyer that comes to hand.