Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Random - because life can be like that

This is an old wallpaper design that has been painted over at home.
I liked those random stains on them; the rings of brown. 
Been busy with other stuff this week but now
I'm onto an idea:
On Friday 30th September I am going to post a special on Denim.
It will be a big spread made up of photographs taken by not only myself, but YOU,
(yes, you heard me I am not joking).
The subject is anything made of denim,
I know its short notice, but I still hope to get at least 10 photos to post on the last day of september.

(you can't have civilisation without them)
1: No wearing of the denim in the photo itself
2: No imagery or words that are unsuitable for children on the denim/photo
3: Must be denim that is interesting in its pattern/marks/stitching/surface

Send these photos as attachments to:

Also you can send more than 1 photo.
I will resize photos that are over 3MB 
(see I'm very helpful when I want to be XD)
Your welcome to put a watermark or intitials on it
I will be putting names next to photos unless people request me not to in the body of the e-mail.

So I'm counting on you,
or you are counting on you. o_0