Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thoughts of blue and music: Christian Marclay

A look at ArtForum this week, somehow this week is the last of September 2011.
The below photos below are of works by Christian Marclay
and are displayed at Fraenkel Gallery
and are taken from ArtForum (an arts journal/magazine)
I found an advert in ArtForum which I liked,
now this isn't new as well if you an occasional or rabid reader of ArtForum
you'll find the articles a bit, well over complicated me thinks
and I kind of feel the need to get out the dictionary.
Any way when I went ahead and googled the artist whose advert looked so refreshing,
I found I still liked his work. Now that is NEW.
I have been resizing images a lot and cropping them down just so that you get the good stuff
(and admittedly to save space but thats not benifitial to you)
As you can see, only good premium stuff. I deserve a snickers
(of course Christian Marclay deserves a large bag of malteasers).
Glossy paper is a nightmare to photograph.
Some detail above shows actual tape strand entwined, circled, twirling and looking abstract.
His works from this exhibition are cyanotypes,
a form of work that combines both print and photography,
where an image is used and exposed onto paper that has been painted with a chemical mix.
A youtube video with more information and a 'how to' on cyanotype 
I really like the tape being used to create line,
and its reminder of analogue technology's existence, that and of physically owning a piece of music or sound on a tape, unlike mp3 files on a memory card of some kind.