Monday, 26 September 2011

Back to simple stuff; dots and prints

 This summer I've been looking more into pattern on fabric,
mostly as at the moment those patterns are
more at hand and are interesting in some way or form. 
This fabric (above and below) is a form of Koshibo fabric,
this is a Japanese fabric and has a lovely small pebble like texture to it when looking closely.
The two yellows are quite subtle in terms of brightness
and as usual for any colour look great with black.
The simple flower motif is repeated on the darker yellow cloth, but there are two different sized motifs being used, one that is slightly bigger and lets more of the yellow show through and the other smaller letting more black through.
I seem to have an interest in the colour purple.
I'm fascinated with mixing that colour,
most recently in watercolour but a few months back in oil paint.
Here the dark blue-purple flowers seem to be wearing a white beaded necklace around their inner core area, this could be showing the very tips of the stamens of the flower, or perhaps like I first thought purely decorative, something actually found on a real flower or made up.
The range of purples, deep, mid and blueish tinted brings great depth to the fabric itself.

All the fabrics here are polyester based fabrics that though isn't great for hot weather, makes a great fabric type to print on and also in retaining dye.
This fabric can easily be put into the washing machine.
Where as anything cotton based tends to leak dye very easily in watter/rain, as you will notice with jeans and your now blue trainers.