Saturday, 17 September 2011

Shisha (also known as abla) Embroidery

An old kameez which I adored for the
embroidery and especially for its mirror work,
a traditional technique in India and Pakistan 
and other countries in which small pieces of mirror
are secured onto fabric and embroidered around
The simple grids of light pink thread, as seen above, 
are cleverly couched down with the actual thread
making up the material of the kameez (a tunic like top).
The two large mirrors above are
embroidered to look like mirror flowers.
Blue and pink make an amazing colour combination.
A play of colour fused with that of light and mirrors.
The unique bead work uses small wooden like tubular like beads.
Shisha Embroidery TIY (Try it yourself) with clear photos and instructions
There is a bit of information about Shisha Embroidery on 
Wikipedia but so far I haven't found much on the web or in the local library.