Thursday, 22 September 2011

Newcastle Mela, September 2011

Photos from Newcastle Mela 2011
Ooops...bad photography skills results in an
interesting incredibly motion blurred image, 
the pattern lost, but perhaps a new one made.
The Mela in itself, is an amzing show of diversity and culture in Newcastle,
it's a celebration of what makes Newcastle a fantastic and amazing palce to live
and of course is a perfect oppotunity to eat good food (with or without the spicy kick).
It has an amazing lineup of performers and live music
that would gurentee to make you stop, take a seat and listen.
The photos coming up are simply of the kurtas there.
Kurtas are tunic like tops,
like a kameez (the blouse/top part of the shalwar kameez),
they are worn with trousers like jeans or actually suit like trousers.
The above pattern comes from a red kurta I bought.
The sun or flower like motifs really attracted me to it in the first palce.
This kurta is in the currant style of a dress.
 Like any clothing styles vary season to season,
at the moment the dress style is..well in.  
ORANGE! Hah bet you didn't see that one coming.
Meticulouse beadwork again,
I don't think I've seen orange beadwork in a while.
Seems to be a colour not often used on clothes.
Hopefully next year I can get more photos,
might include some of the actual music, and costumes worn too.