Monday, 28 November 2011

Better on the inside with weaves

Starting out the first of the cold months coats week with this coat
found in a charity shop,
which has an interesting inside lining,
made up of both plain fabric
and this brilliant hessian like weave.
Its so tactile and interesting,
again begging the question of weave itself in a piece of clothing, bringing to light its importance,
its initial skeleton and character building of the fabric and item of clothing.
Something personally interesting me at the moment in my own work.
The edges of the coat reveal this beautiful weave very quietly,
with it almost edging forward,
onto the front like some dribbling
                                                                                water running down
the inside part of a table leg.
An overall look of the coat,
to me the outside was quite plain and dull and lacked any detailing on the front except for the beautiful creeping weave.
The colour was a dull grey, possibly because of its age,
so I hope perhaps it was better grey when new.
Though maybe it could be carefully dyed?
Though I imagine a nice bit of embroidery in select places could it bring it back to life.
Buttons lets the coat down too, I'm not a fashionista,
but to me buttons are like the part of a coats soul.
So to conclude, in essay like style,
the inside was more interesting than the outside.
Doesn't sound right, does it?