Friday, 25 November 2011

Books to go onto shelves

The covers of some books on the topics of business and management 
can have some beautiful book covers, 
a surprise to me as those areas are so complex and alien to me.
It shows pattern influences everyone, 
regardless of interests or abilities or knowledge banks.
 Obviously a book cover needs to be interesting,
but colourful too, well who knew?
Stars may be seen as unoriginal, but in this graphic blue and orange context it really works.
In my own experience I rarely see textbooks or 
non-fiction books that use graphic concepts for their covers. 
The whole what is written inside this book is real,
and so is the photo on the cover
thing has been put to one side here.
Above though is different, but the simple use of rows 
and an almost weave like appearance is taken, using labelled file dividers.
Simple sometimes is better than complex.
I'm sure I've said that before.
But I'm all about repetition, meh.

Next week starting Monday 28th November,
there is going to be a feature of coats all week right here.
Seen as recently I ventured into a charity shop 
with a brilliant collection of lovely woven coats,
makes me itch to paint.