Monday, 14 November 2011

Brush Pattern Feature: Wings for all

Well not really. 
They are simple wing brushes to be used in
Adobe Photoshop or in the Gimp,
or indeed any other image software that has an ability to convert images into a brush file.
Really maybe it should be called a stamp file instead. 
Anyway these brushes were created by sammigurl61190 @ DeviantArt.
Sadly she seems inactive at the moment, but her profile is still there,
as are other brush packs she has made. 
Click the link to view it or 

The brushes can make interesting motifs
when repeatedly piled on top of each other.
The brushes are well capable in forming flowers too,
very pretty flowers might I add
and as the brushes are in grey-scale
you simply select the colour you want and paint.
(For users of Gimp the brush-set in .gbr)