Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Boxes and weave together again

These interesting structures, squares
that align themselves into walls of squares
really stand out for me.
The buttons, plain and simple react
perfectly with the colour palette chosen.
The greys, subtle browns and navy blues alongside greys,
so dark they could be mistaken for blacks,
come together alongside whites and creams
to create great contrast that mimics a stone wall like structure,
where stones are not always one colour, and one may be
the one that stands out the most.
I imagine Sean Scully would love this sort of stuff.
It is another Next coat – well who knew?
I didn’t, but clearly all these coats came from the same or similar years, bearing in mind the designs of this and the previous posted one are clearly related, like brothers or sorts.
Again a great display of simple shapes melded
with an intricate pattern of weave using skeins of thread.