Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Clothing Labels: Maximalism and Floral

Falmer Heritage
Label @ Matalan

Lovely floral motifs which I find are rare on clothing label tags. Really pretty in red with the dark green swirls, all finished off with the grunge effect, giving the label an aged appearance.
Matalan's quality and price are an amazing combination, more often or not their clothing items are made from better cloth (and better stitched), with prices that are almost akin to Primark.
Denim Co.
Label @ Primark
Details on this one are simple, Greece like in motif and the colour is modern and indeed the very image of Primark with its ever colourful items of clothing, items that can be used as layers, leggings, bags and hats and so forth. A thin grey ribbon adds a neat finishing touch on top of the thin semi sheer fabric.
Primark's key to success is maximum sales at lower prices and importantly reacting to the fashion world and its trends of the moment.