Monday, 21 October 2013

Colour Archive: Stylist (unknown issue no, 2012/13)

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 The pages below, scanned in from the magazine, would make a particularly beautiful desktop or mobile wallpaper (maybe even literal wallpaper for interior design?).
Why not include the text too?
See, this is why I use magazines to collage from, their sources of colour is immeasurable.
Due to the cost of inkjet printing and colour laser printing (which is mind numbingly high), printing sheets and sheets of coloured stuff just seems like madness. In the end using pages from found or bought magazines makes more sense and to sweeten the deal different magazines use different kinds of papers. For example, Stylist uses this soft paper that is like newsprint but much better quality for printing on and unlike its glossy sisters, you can in fact draw, annotate and doodle on the pages.
Beautiful Technicolor.
Yes ladies and gents, that is colour spelt the British way :)