Saturday, 28 February 2015

Spring Coming Soon

Spring is coming, it's on the horizon.
The green shoots.

Marie Claire (2011), January 2011, pp unknown

Friday, 13 February 2015

Golden Lamé, Solar Punk and Sub Genres

The beautiful gown worn by Alicia Keys in the advert campaign for Givenchy's perfume Dahlia Divin is described as being a Golden lamé gown, lamé being a term for clothing or material in which golden or silver threads run to give it the sheen and colour and reflective ability that it has.

From the advertisement of Givenchy's  Dahlia Divin perfume,
scanned from June 2014 issue of Stylist magazine.

I love the details on this gown, they make me think of elaborate steam punk imagery that uses nuts and bolts and other metal fastenings, steam powered contraptions, strange welded together bits of metal and so on. But then they also have a more of a solar punk feel. Solar punk is a recent genre that I've been thinking about and looking into, it is quite futuristic and often involves the use of solar energies as a power source, I imagine it would also involve the use of any green renewable energy sources, sun or star burst motif imagery, (thank you Disney's Tangled).
These coils and things that look like bolts and screw heads look amazing. It is mostly bead work or large bead/gem work as you can see from the borrowed imagery:

Stylist magazine (2014) Givenchy's  Dahlia Divin perfume [Advertisement] June 2014.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Updates and changes

Marking 2015 with some updates to the blog layout and template, less distractions and cleaner layout, I hope. I was considering switching to Wordpress, but I've foregone that and decided to fix up this blog instead. Some old posts have yet to be posted, will be doing that asap.
Need to brush up on drawing skills too.
So much to do.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Johanna Basford, Inked


Basford is an artist, an illustrator, a designer and importantly works with ink and pens to produce her beautifully decorative and maximalist works. She has an interesting website, with photographs of her previous and present works and has a range of stationary and fun things that feature her beautiful drawings all over them, crawling with an abundance of life, and all inked perfectly.
I bought a colouring book as a birthday present for my cousin a while ago

Its a beautifully printed book on this nice thick paper stock that has a kind of a cotton rag or watercolour paper feel to it. A lot of art galleries I have been to stock some of her stuff so I would recommend checking them out, and also explore her website, it's a beautiful little place on the web.

She works, not only on paper but on 3D objects, has produced illustrations and drawings for various fashion retailers such as H&M, created works for publishing and so on.

Also she loves Staedtler ink pens, as commented on in her blog post:
Staedtler is an important brand in stationary and for designers, artists and makers and well anyone! They produce top notch quality stuff, pens that I have never experienced leaking or breaking unless I have been unduly horrible to them.