Friday, 19 July 2013

Peices of emulsion 'rock' forms

These kind of look tasty from a distance (if colourful things had food like taste to them),
but they don't smell of anything and feel very chalky - no surprise as I used matt emulsion
paints to make these by pouring emulsion mixed with a little glue onto plastic sheets,
from which the paint pieces then peeled from.  
I define these more as paintings than anything else, their forms are sculptural but their brush like strokes and spills of colours portray the personality of a painting and are reminiscent of colour field painters - with their staining of canvas, where as I have poured colours from tins of emulsion.  
I was hoping to include these in my degree show somehow, preferably making bigger pieces but because of their fragility I decided against it. They are brittle and crumble very easily, even after mixing three parts paint with one part PVA. Needs more experimentation.