Thursday, 14 February 2013

More and More Owls (part 1)

Owls can be found on all sorts of things now,
sadly I don't own anything with owls on,
so instead my friend Liz took some photos.
Owls looks pretty good in knitted form,
it suits their personalities, or
at least how they are portrayed in Winnie-the-Pooh bear by Owl.
I always felt he is a bit woolly and dense, yet still so very cute.
Buttons for eyes detail works quite well here.  

These studs are dainty!
The colouring of them too is very interesting,
a kind of golden copper brown shade with such big eyes.

I believe this is a brooch.
Again beautiful detailing, but this time on the tummy
where it is like a cluster of gems.
It reminds me of Tawny Owl
from Animals of Farthing Wood.
Both sharing a stern expression.

This one, unlike the previous,
is very lady bug like - with the dotty wings.
and again, large eyes.

Now a charm bracelet, the owl has been threaded via his neck
- painful if he was real but he isn't.
Actually - why is he even a he?
Why can't I say she? Or it? Strange.

This carry case/bag looks purple,
with an interesting palette including red and a very pale purple-blue.
The hearts are an interesting addition,

This pair of owls kind of have an armoured look about them.
The main body parts are given scale like links of armour.
Neatly done with really big black eyes and the tails are simple
but very effective in their continuing of the whole armoured appearance.

This patchwork owl is a piece of sheer brilliance!
Big eyes, ornately patterned tummy and
some nice detailing with the stitch work
and authentically made by Liz.

The last photo -

this little red/pink creature is so cute.
Just look at the eyes. Aww.

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A journal of Spectacles

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