Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Found Blog: Pattern Observer [ Michelle Fifis ]

Short review of:
Pattern Observer by Michelle Fifis.

[ http://patternobserver.com/ ]
Nope, this is not in any way related to The Guardian's Sunday sister paper The Observer.
This site is clean and friendly and I can guarantee the posts are consistently interesting, even the post on children clothing trends perked my interest.
Also an interesting point mentioned throughout the blog and particularly in Fifi's choice of post of the year, that specialising in a certain area of textile design/pattern design can be a good thing.

Michelle Fifis's favourite post of the year 2012:'My favorite post of the year is "Filling The Void in Today's Textile Design Marketplace" because it is a message that I have been thinking about for years, but never put into words. This message has become my "raison d'être" and fuels the posts that I write and the courses that I craft. I have a true passion for helping fellow designers and I love seeing their dreams come true.'

][Petals and the delicate]]]]][[

The photos used are nice and sharp, they don't have those irritating weird tints some of my photos have and they often show interesting camera angles as well as clean but interestingly texture/patterned backgrounds to the subjects, like the wooden table on these.

Through its awesomeness (-_- I know it's not a word) and knock on the head of a nail brilliance I have realised something, photographs taken of golden things, white things, slight shimmering things and yellow things are very hard to pull off in a way that makes them look good on photo. But here, they have won again, together the worker bloggers have managed to get these photos where they look slightly blurry and shadow tacked and make them look interesting - is it just me? Because you know a lot of 'creative types' are always going oh that is so interesting, or that line is beautiful etc.

As a group they keep eyes open for posts or topics posted that are linked to other posts. The team researches what they post. Textilers like Noa Weil Raviv, whose stitching and washes of colourful paint become relevant to what my work is becoming interested in.
Its briliant to have an insight into the pattern and textile world of design - especially when its through a blog that sustains a commentary on other makers, designers and textilers alike.