Saturday, 16 July 2016

Adam and Hawa

Gingerbread Hawa

7 days to make the bread,
the eyes, the nose and then the head.
14 hours to kneed the body,
the arms and then the legs.
28 minutes to bake in all,
nice and crisp and then wait till cold.

The idea of the act of creation, creating something, putting time and energy and your own days/life into that act. 7 days refers to Allah creating the world and resting, and the 14 refers to the number of hours a person is awake/works/plays. 28 minutes refers to 30 minutes, a way of telling time, half an hour becomes a sign, a marker of what is to come.  
Hawa is Eve's Muslim name, or Arabic equivalent. Both of whom are mentioned in the holy Quran, having been created, Allah took a rib from Adam and created Eve (did that hurt? maybe we should call it rib break and not heartache?), he then taught them how to plant and plow and sow seeds upon the Earth, there is no mention of sin or in the holy book in regards to Hawa. 
Allah taught the first man and woman how to make food, and bread. Bread the staple of a persons diet in any country, it is a common type of food that unites us, chappati from south east asia, breads of brilliant large fluffy and generouse shapes in Africa, to the everyday sliced bread you can find in a supermarket or in Greggs, or great baked sweet and flavour filled breads of Germany and France.